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Why ICS is a Dell Partner

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Integrated Computer Services is proud to be a Dell partner. Dell Technologies is an industry leader, bringing together powerhouse companies Dell, Dell EMC, Pivotal, RSA, Secureworks, Virtustream, and VMWare. Its partner program allows us to offer Dell Technologies solutions to our clients in an affordable, easy to access way, transforming your IT infrastructure and your business.

In turn, we let Dell Technologies know what our own clients want and need, improving their offerings for companies like your own.


Connecting Clients to Superior Solutions

Partnering with industry titan Dell Technologies means that we are an easy avenue to IT solutions that work.

Dell's product lines include many servers, desktops, and workstations. As partners, we are trained and educated about all of them. Dell's solutions span a wide range of capabilities and price points, suitable for businesses of any size with any needs. The company is committed to enabling high-performance work while remaining cost conscious, innovating all the time to provide more, better solutions every day.

The technology doesn’t stop there. Dell has over 55,000 software and peripheral products that can be installed for companies, from storage and memory products to projectors, printers, and power management tools. It is a onestop resource for IT infrastructure. Our partnership ensures that your access to this resource is dependable.

A Global Approach

Dell is a multinational company, which increases the benefits to us and and our clients. Dell is a leader in many of the top market share categories within the tech industry and distributes its technology in over 170 countries. Even if your business is national as opposed to multinational, you will still benefit from the way that Dell leverages talent, shares global best practices, and works to develop excellence in IT across the world.

Growth and Upward Movement

We believe that being a Dell partner is an excellent choice. In part, this is because the facts and figures prove it. Dell is committed to growing and succeeding, and part of the way it achieves this is by investing in other companies and solutions that are poised to transform IT. In just the first three months of 2019, Dell has spent over $222 million investing in cloud and security organizations.

As a Dell partner, ICS is in great company. Other forward-thinking and excellent companies and organizations are working or wanting to work with this technology giant. Dell sponsors McLaren Technology Group, for example, bringing amazing technology to racing functions and various formats. It is also well-known that Dell sponsors the PGA Tour; it provides virtual courses, analytics, and other strategies to power digital transformation in the game of golf. Organizations like the American Red Cross rely on Dell's tech, and businesses like Columbia, Ford, KFC, and Philips use Dell's solutions to improve their own offerings.

When you work with ICS as a Dell partner, you are buying into the same technology that powers these well-known, highly successful businesses. You’re also getting the added benefit of ICS’s training, expertise, and customer service.

If you're looking for the advanced technology and reliability of a firm like Dell, with customer service and experienced staff that is trained to ensure your business gets great technology that fits your unique business objectives, working with ICS provides you with the best of both worlds.

ICS and Our Technology Partners

We're pleased to call Dell Technologies a partner, and one part of the extensive network of technology partners with whom we work. Through our partnership with Dell, we can offer even better services. You can rely on us for IT support, managed IT services, cloud computing, data protection, and managed IT security. We have both the know-how and the industry access needed to manage your systems.

Whether you are looking for servers, workstations, or peripherals, join the many companies using Dell products to enjoy more tech compatibility. We are here to assess your needs and provide the best solutions that are relevant to your business and your current and future needs.

Dell is committed to digital transformation. We are committed to providing each client with the ideal solutions for their companies. Give us a call at (201) 720-3775, or send us a message online.