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Today's fiercely competitive, increasingly complex manufacturing industry has resulted in incredible demands being placed on manufacturing IT support services and systems. For example, when a manufacturer outsources its engineering and manufacturing capabilities to other countries, the company's IT system must be much more complex. Because its legacy network wasn't designed for the rigorous demands of globalized manufacturing, massive changes to the infrastructure and application reconfigurations are often required.

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Manufacturing IT Support Challenges

For small-to-medium-size organizations, the challenges are exponentially higher, as you're often tasked with competing with huge enterprises that can tap into enormous infrastructures and have tremendous manufacturing capabilities. Similar to HVAC business software support issues, in-house manufacturing IT support teams for smaller firms are often no longer able to keep pace with the demands placed upon them.

Integrated Computer Services has an in-depth understanding of the needs and challenges of manufacturing SMBs, and we have plenty of experience making smart, forward-thinking expansions to your network infrastructure that will give you the competitive edge you need. At the same time, we can eliminate your systems unnecessary complexities, recommend products and services that will help you streamline communications and simplify operations.

Manufacturing Applications & Software

When you've outsourced your manufacturing processes, job tracking and production management become much more complicated. But we can help you take back control and grant you access to the key insights you need for continuous improvement. We know how to install and update a variety of manufacturing-specific applications, such as CorVu, MRP/ERP systems and shipping software like E2 Shop System. Need to migrate from your current programs to more flexible, higher-performance manufacturing it support solutions? We can help with that, too.

When you rely heavily on technology to control, oversee, track, and improve upon every manufacturing capability you employ, it's essential that every single component of your infrastructure run optimally at all times. ICS has the manufacturing IT support capabilities to ensure your network, systems, and applications constantly keep pace with the rigorous demands of your industry. Not only will we keep you up and running, but if you leverage our virtual CIO services, we'll also constantly look for ways to improve processes and deploy new technologies that will enable you to stay one step ahead of the competition

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