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When it comes to your business, IT management & cyber security must be handled by experienced and certified professionals that utilize the proper standard operating procedures to keep business networks safe and secure. With our multipoint cyber security assessment & risk management audit you will know if your outsourced MSP or internal IT team is following industry best practices and is doing everything they can to keep your corporate network secure. When we initially engage with a new client, the first thing we do is inventory, assess, and audit - then we report the weaknesses and vulnerabilities found. Our IT & cyber security risk assessment tests your cloud solutions, network configuration, network security, backup systems, servers, active directory, firewalls, group policies, workstations, software & hardware. We then notify you if your system needs upgrading, maintenance, or any other improvements and deliver a detailed findings report along with a proposal with our recommendations followed by a Managed Service Agreement for on-going support, maintenance and daily upkeep.


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Our IT Audit and Cyber Security Assessment Includes:

  • On-site or Remote IT Consultation

    We take the time to gather as much info as we can to give you the right solutions to meet your needs. To accomplish this we take a combined approach of running automated cyber security assessment tools on your network, as well as performing a manual assessment & investigation. This allows us to entirely understand your infrastructure when evaluating your networks technology and potential risks.

  • Proactive Network Security Analysis

    Is your IT network secure? We check to make sure you have the most common policies and settings as laid out by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). In additional we complete an assessment of your Active Directory configuration for security issues and check your email accounts against known breaches across the dark web to determine if your passwords have been compromised.

  • Dark Web Scan

    Was your password compromised and is it available for purchase on the dark web? We will run a scan on your email domain to see if any of your users passwords are exposed on the dark web. Bad actors find exposed passwords from breached public entities like Facebook or LinkedIn and then sell them on the dark web. We can run a scan on the dark web to find out if your user passwords were exposed.

  • Virus Scanning & Protection Evaluation + Endpoint | Managed Detection and Response Checkup

    Everyone knows you need an antivirus to keep you safe, but with increasing cyber security threats it’s important to have the right antivirus solution. If you aren’t already using a well-tested and vetted cloud managed antivirus solution or are unsure of what you have, let us evaluate your current solution. Furthermore, we check to see if your company is being protected by an advanced cyber security solution like an EDR or MDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) or (Managed Detection and Response). In 2021 and beyond managed antivirus is not enough!

  • Email Spam & Malware Assessment

    Are you receiving too much spam? Has your company succumbed to phishing emails in the past? The most important service to stop junk mail & aggressive malware from reaching your employees is an enterprise class managed spam filtering service. Let us evaluate your current spam protection and recommend a better solution that can prevent more spam from reaching your inbox.

  • Assessment of Backup Systems and Disaster Recovery Solutions

    Are you protected against cyber threats that cause data loss? Many companies believe they are, but when put to the test their backup systems fall short. From being misconfigured and not being tested regularly to not being robust enough solution, let us evaluate your infrastructure backups to make sure you are protected in the event of data loss.

  • Assessment of Power Protection Systems

    Are your UPS’s overloaded or are the batteries in poor health? Let us review your current power protection systems to make sure you stay protected from down time caused by power failure.

  • Disaster Prevention \ Business Continuity Plan Inspection

    If every system you depend on goes down, will you lose productivity? Do you have a disaster prevention plan in place to make sure your workforce continues generating revenue? With a team experienced in Disaster Recovery planning for companies of all shapes and sizes, we can provide the best solution to keep your downtime to a minimum.

  • Internet Speed and Reliability \ WAN Failover Check

    Is your internet speed holding you back? Is your firewall limiting internet speeds and reducing workforce productivity? Do you have a firewall or router capable of utilizing redundant internet connections and does it provide WAN failover where if one ISP fails the backups ISP kicks in automatically (this is called WAN failover)? Let us assess your internet connections, review the results with you, and provide alternative solutions to get you a better experience when accessing the internet and your cloud services.

  • Ensure Software is Supported \ Check for Aging Hardware

    One of the most common ways breaches occur is due to end-of-life software and operating systems containing security holes. This is why updating your systems with the latest supported operating systems that can be security patched is so important in this new age of cyber terrorism. We can provide insight into your current server and workstation operating system support status and age and get them replaced or updated. We will also review the hardware age of your servers, networking equipment, desktop workstations, and laptops and recommend upgrades to aging, slow and ready to fail hardware. .

  • Secure Remote Access and VPN Solutions Review

    Empower your remote workforce with a dynamic cyber security solution. Don't let COVID-19 slow your "work from home" team down. You may be using remote access in some form already, but when was the last time the configuration was reviewed? It’s important to have proper security in place when utilizing any form of remote access. We can evaluate your current solution and provide recommendations to improve cyber security, so you can rest assured that your company will be safe even when your employees work from home.

  • Cloud Computing Assessment

    Are you looking to move to a cloud network infrastructure but don’t know where to start? Have you already moved your applications off premise and are not happy with the experience? Let us review your infrastructure and we can provide the right guidance to be as productive as possible. From Office 365 Apps to infrastructure as a service - we can help you make the best technology decisions that not only allow for more productivity but also fit your technology budget.

  • Active Directory User Account Auditing

    During our assessment we will analyze your corporate active directory and identify unused\inactive or otherwise weak accounts and security practices that present a threat from hackers and disgruntled\malicious employees who can gain unauthorized access to the network and business critical data. We find that many competing managed service providers do not have a process to disable terminated employees active directory user accounts. Not disabling terminated employees active directory user accounts properly is a business owners nightmare waiting to happen. We also c

  • Active Directory Group Policy Security Auditing

    We analyze your group policies which relate to security. For instance, does your computers lock after 15 minutes of inactivity? Do you have password complexity enforced? Are your passwords set to expire after 3-6 months? Can your users plug in USB hard drives and copy data off their computers? Do you have control over what employees get remote access and what employees should have restricted or no access? Can you users install applications and have access to run scripts gain access to powershell?

  • External Vulnerability Scan

    An external cyber security & vulnerability scan is performed from outside an organization's network to detect vulnerabilities in the perimeter defenses of your cyber infrastructure such as open ports in the network firewall. Identifying known vulnerabilities helps organizations fix security issues that could enable hackers to gain access to the organization's network such as on unsecured transfer protocols, or servers configured with deprecated services.

  • Patch Management Assessment | Missing Security Updates Checkup

    We will verify the effectiveness of the existing patch management program by viewing a high-level overview of missing security updates and service packs across the entire network, and each individual workstation. Use this information to apply critical patches to reduce the overall risk to the network and keep your business critical data safe and secure.

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All computer systems, networking devices, servers and peripherals will be tested for vulnerabilities. Next step is to deliver a report with a network analysis and network improvement plan. With our computer network evaluation, you will see the strengths and weaknesses of your network and how we can improve your businesses computer systems.

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