OBM Installation Guide and Download - ICS Remote Data Backup Manager

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System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / 2008/R2 / 2012R2
  • Disk Space: 180Mbytes
  • Network Protocol: TCP/IP (Http/Https)
  • Additional Requirement:
    • Make sure you have logged onto Windows using an account with administrative privileges

Getting Started

  • Download the setup file above and run it - (Click [Yes] to run this software.)
  • Follow the instructions on the installation wizard to complete installation
  • When finished, a new icon (ICS OBM) will be installed to the system tray (near the clock) automatically and ICS OBM will be launched automatically.
  • If you don't have a backup account, select [Trial Registration] and press the [Next] button
    • Enter the [Login Name] and [Password] of your choice
    • Enter your [Email address] in the text field provided
    • Press the [Submit] button
    • You should now be logged onto the backup server already (if the [Login Name] of your choice is already taken by another user, try a different login name)
  • If you have a backup account already, select [User Logon] and logon to the server with your existing username and password.
  • If this is your first time logging into the server, you will be guided to create a backup set
    • Enter a backup set name of your choice in the [Name] field
    • Select the files that you want to backup
    • Setup the backup schedule by pressing the [Properties] button (please note that you can add multiple backup schedules to a backup set)
    • Setup the encryption setting for your backup set (if you don't know much about encryption, just accept the default values here)
    • Press the [Finish] button

Scheduled backup will run automatically if you leave your computer on.

  • To run a backup immediately, select your backup set from the left panel and press the [Start Backup] button above. Select [Off-site Backup Server] and press the [OK] button.
  • Setup completed.

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