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Boost Employee Productivity with Technology Enhancements

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We are constantly advising our partners to take advantage of new technology. Business technology is steamrolling forward at an incredible pace, and remaining stagnant with the same technology for years can be harmful to your business’s bottom line. Powering your business with new technology will not only boost productivity, but also sharpen the image of your organization. Below we have introduced a few technology upgrades to help day to day efficiency in the workplace.

Replacing outdated computers and workstations is very important for the productivity of your business. This will have a direct effect on the output of work being performed. Slow computers have the capability to slow employees down as well as adding additional stress to the workplace. Upgrading the computers in the office will also help to strengthen the security of your network. Another aspect of your network that you should always consider keeping an eye on are the phone systems. Recently, there has been some impressive advances in business phone system. VoIP (voice over IP) phone systems are taking over the industry. They have more features and are typically less expensive than standard phone systems.

Utilizing video conferencing will also prove to have a positive effect on the productivity of your business. With everyone being connected these days it is very possible that your business works with individuals all over the globe. Travel and commuting can take its toll on employees and is costly for the business. Meeting over the telephone tend to be less personal, video conferencing brings the element of being in the same room as the individual you are meeting with. If an important client or partner reaches out and requests a video conference don’t be embarrassed by the lack of technology your business embraces.

Revamping in house communications will also add to productivity in the office. Instead of employees having to leave their desk or make a phone call every time they would like to communicate with co-workers, your business can implement instant messaging capabilities. Lync and Skype have been very helpful for busy employees who are multitasking all day. These in house communication services allow employees to keep conversations going even while at their individual desks, on the phone, or working on other projects.

If you think your business can benefit from any of these technology enhancements please contact us today for a plan built specifically to the needs of your business.

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