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Cloud services like Office 365 are very popular. They provide convenience, flexibility, and reliability. You can access your cloud email from anywhere. What's often missing, though, is a way to back up everyone's mailboxes. ICS's mail service includes business email backup to prevent accidental or malicious loss.

All cloud services run internal backups so that they won't lose your current mailbox, but that doesn't protect you against ransomcloud, malicious deletions, or mistakes. The internal backup is just a copy of the current mailbox. ICS's business email backup lets you make permanent copies of messages and mailboxes which you can go back to, no matter what happens. You can retain them as long as you need them.

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Protection against data loss

Several scenarios can lead to loss of email and related information. They lead to lost productivity, delayed communication, and dropped business discussions.

  • A compromised account can let unauthorized people delete or change stored messages, contacts, and tasks. An employee's angry ex-spouse might have a password and use it to vandalize an account. Strangers might guess or steal passwords and try to sabotage your business data. Having business email backup lets you recover from those situations.
  • Terminated employees or ones about to quit might delete their mail out of spite or to remove incriminating evidence. Their email could be valuable even after they're gone.
  • People make mistakes. Sometimes they permanently delete messages or contacts and realize they shouldn't have.
  • Ransomware is possible, even on cloud services. It can wipe out whole mailboxes and make them hard to recover. Paying the ransom isn't a guarantee of anything.

Our business email backup covers not only mailboxes and messages but contacts, tasks, and attached documents. Keeping your business's email backed up insures it against disruptive events.

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Flexible options

ICS gives you full control over what is backed up, where it goes, and when business email backups run. Administrators can set up backups of all a business's accounts. You can create multiple backups for greater confidence and flexibility.

Backups can go to the public cloud, an FTP server, or a local drive. They can be encrypted to keep them safe from prying eyes. Strong 256-bit cloud encryption will frustrate any attempts to decipher by brute force. The key is randomly generated to provide the strongest protection.

You can back up entire mailboxes or selected messages, as well as contacts and tasks. Business email backups can run manually or on a schedule. A backup store can have a retention policy that keeps information for a specified time period or indefinitely.

Recovery is equally flexible. Users can recover information from any specified date and time. They can also recover multiple versions of an item. Messages can be restored to their original mailbox or an alternate location.

Creating an archive

An email archive is a necessity for many businesses. It provides a record of communications and documents past actions. The company archivist can ingest regular backups of selected mailboxes into an archive. With proper maintenance, it provides a lasting record of past discussions with employees, suppliers, customers, and partners.

An email archive is a valuable source of business intelligence. Information which seems incidental at first can offer valuable leads or warnings when reviewed. A searchable archive is a useful resource when collecting information on a person or business.

When employees leave, you don't want to keep their accounts active, but retaining their business-related email lets you keep information that you would otherwise lose. Backing up their mail and storing it in an archive before deactivating their accounts ensures that you don't lose anything.

Legal regulations sometimes mandate keeping records of past communications. Even when they aren't required, they can be valuable for responding to legal actions or documenting promises. Employees may purge old messages from their mailboxes, wiping out valuable history.

Convenient administration

Users and administrators can use the web console for all operations, including scheduling, backing up, and restoring. Administrators can set up multiple backup accounts.

A log shows all the user's backup activity, making it easy to confirm that everything is being saved as intended. The status display shows what backup and restore operations are currently running or have just finished.

Don't risk data loss

  • Losing important email records can damage business relationships, wipe out records of plans and actions, and even lead to legal problems. Losing records leads to lost time and income as employees scramble to find other information sources. To avoid these risks, you need a business email backup which is under your control.

    ICS's email service gives you the power of Office 365 with the safety of as much backup as you choose. You may never need to recover a message, but the confidence that you can if you need to lets you operate your business with fewer worries. Contact us to learn how you can start using secure, protected email.

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