New Jersey Disaster Prevention Planning and Preparation

Integrated Computer Services can assist your organization in designing a sound disaster prevention / recovery plan for your business. With the proper setup we can help you protect your company's data and keep downtime to a minimum.

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Critical Components for an Effective Disaster Prevention Plan:

Utilize redundant hard drives (RAID VOLUMES) for redundancy

  • Most common components to fail are hard drives
  • Make sure your servers include redundant power supplies

Power protection hardware: Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

  • UPS (Battery Backups) are critical for power failures / surges

Synchronize all user data to the server

  • My documents folder redirection to server

Utilize Secure Remote Data Backup Service: (Off-site Backup)

Proactive Server Maintenance Plan - Through regular service and maintenance of servers, we can keep downtime to a minimum.

Business Disruption Avoidance & Disaster Prevention Procedures:

  • Review of "Backup Calendar"
  • Semi annual analysis of integrity of all tape media
  • Monthly (or as necessary) cleaning of tape drive(s)
  • Quarterly test of battery backup shut down procedure
  • Semi annual test of RAID functionality and rebuild procedures

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