Microsoft Server 2012 Setup and Installation for New Jersey

Integrated Computer Services provides expert level Windows Server 2012 deployment, administration and management to small and medium business across New Jersey. Windows Server 2012 is a perfected operating system which offers a cost-effective infrastructure, a modern application platform, and flexibility in how users can access their data and applications. Server 2012 includes improvements over Server 2008 and offers a cloud-optimized server platform allows you the flexibility to build and deploy applications and websites on-site, in the cloud, or across both.

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Server 2012 Setup and Installation

Windows Server 2012 Capabilities

    • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)- allows you to deploy remote desktop services that provide employees the flexibility to work anywhere, while allowing them to access their corporate desktop or application environment.
    • Access & Information Protection - improvements to Active Directory, Dynamic Access Control, which provides data classification and protection system with centralized access control, and DirectAccess, which offers users seamless, more secure access to corporate data.
    • Storage - Server 2012 provides greater efficiency, and performance with more storage choices and new features and enhancements for disk, network, and storage area network solutions
    • Server Management and Automation- Server 2012 is an integrated platform with comprehensive, multi-server manageability that provides increased efficiency, simplified server and server role deployment, and automation.
    • Web and Application Platform - provides flexibility through hybrid, symmetrical, and web-based applications on-site, and in a cloud environment.

Windows Server 2012 Capabilities

    • Tiered Storage - Allows most frequently accessed files on a system to be stored on the fast storage medium available (such as SSDs) and file the rest on other drives.
    • Work Folders - Enables users to have access to data by replicating user data to corporate file servers then back out to other devices. Data is encrypted and if a user in un-enrolled from management, the data is removed.
    • Live Virtual Machine Compression - The Ability to compress live VMs when moving from one server to another. Time of migration is cut down considerably.
    • Hyper-V Recovery Manager - Hyper-V Recovery Manager manages a number of backup VMs. In case a primary site goes down, the service will automatically switch operations to VMs at the backup location.
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