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Beware of Random Microsoft Software Licensing Audits

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It has come to our attention that Microsoft has been performing random licensing audits on businesses using Microsoft software products. It is essential to your company that you have the proper number of licenses for the number of users. If your business is found to be lacking the correct number of licenses you will be facing a possible lawsuit or penalty.

The self-audit being talked about in this article is the less serious of the two types. There is also a BSA audit. The BSA audit is a lot more serious and it occurs when someone has accused your business of intentionally using more products then you have been licensed for. The BSA audit is totally different from the self-audit and will shut your business down if you do not cooperate with their request. The BSA audit is a lot more formal than the self-audit. Another difference is the self-audit is done at random and the BSA is requested when your business has been accused of knowingly using software illegally. If illegal activity is uncovered during a BSA audit there are large fines that will come along with it.

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