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ICS Core Values

core values

As a managed service provider in New Jersey, Integrated Computer Services has been built on essential core values that have been ingrained into the company throughout our 12+ years of service. We take pride in practicing what we preach and have a strict set of core values that every employee takes pride in following on a day to day basis. These values ensure that your company's information technology is in the best hands possible. If you are not currently an ICS partner we suggest you evaluate your current IT solutions and compare how they stand up against Integrated Computer Services. If your current partner is not displaying the same quality of service and value that ICS has to offer, we urge you to reevaluate your situation. Top notch IT services is not only about being responsive to issues as they occur, the other half of the battle is being proactive to ensure that you will not have these problems to begin with as well as keeping your company up to date on the latest technology.

  • Always provide great customer service to all of our clients - We make sure to always be courteous and respectful in all our dealings, as well as getting to the root of the problem with a permanent fix. We don't just put a band aid on it and hope it doesn't break again, we find out why it happened with a root cause analysis.
  • Always give full disclosure and transparency- We keep nothing from our clients, offer a trustworthy partnership to all of our clients and nothing to hide!
  • Always be honest and have uncompromising integrity- It is of utmost importance to always tell you the truth about everything, even if this is NOT what you want to hear. Honesty and accountability are traits that ICS is proud to have.
  • Always have a passion for our work - Every single employee that puts on an ICS uniform every morning is excited to do so. ICS is full of motivated people who have a passion for IT and a yearning to master all the latest and greatest technologies.
  • Always be committed to greatness - ICS takes pride in being at the top. We are the best at what we do, and we will do whatever it takes to stay that way. If you don't believe us just Google "IT Support NJ". The first organic listing you will see is for Integrated Computer Services. This should speak for itself.
  • Always be dedicated to our client's success - We take pride in watching you grow and are always pushing and constantly looking for new and creative ways to get you to the top.
  • Always be a great team player - There is no "I" in team, except for ICS. We play for the same team as all of our clients. That's the winning team to be more specific. We never go against our client's goals or views and include them in every decision made regarding their network. When you win, we win! We strive to build win-win relationships.
  • Always rise to the challenge when things get difficult - Our techs love the occasional challenge and work extremely well under pressure. The team finds resourceful ways to tackle and overcome difficult situations that comes our way! With a wide assortment of techs who specialize in all different areas of the IT field, we confidently handle a multitude of issues with ease.
  • Always be Innovative - We take pride in learning and implementing all the newest technologies. 95% our cloud computer service offerings are all hosted and maintained internal by us running on our equipment located in our server colocation suite. Chances are that the services we offer in house are outsourced or resold by your current IT provider and just rebranded with their name. If you don't believe us just ask them!

Not all IT maintenance services in NJ are created equal. In order for your company to strive in today's fast paced environment you need to be partnered up with the best. ICS is a fast paced highly motivated managed service provider that takes pride in the success of our clients! Where does your IT stand?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: (201) 720-3775

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