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Benefits of Virtualizing Your Corporate Servers and Network

Server Virtualization infographic

Server Virtualization technology has been around for years. As time goes on more businesses make the change from having many physical servers to one or two Hyper-v or VMware servers. Without virtualizing, physical servers take up too much space and sprawl the server room. Virtualization allows your organization to consolidate to only one or two high density Hyper-v servers that have the ability to virtualize 100s of servers thus reducing upfront hardware costs, reducing hardware maintenance costs, reducing power consumption, improving your disaster recovery strategy and boosting IT scalability and agility.

Below are just a few benefits to going virtual:

  • High Availability and Auto Failover Features: Virtual servers are known for their great failover capabilities. When disaster strikes, the failover will automatically kick start into action. These servers also make it very easy for you to test these failover capabilities regularly.
  • Improved Backup Strategy \ Disaster Recovery \ Business Continuity Features: Virtualization provided the ability to back up or replicate the entire server virtual machine hard drive (VHD). Enable much quicker recovery times in the event of a hardware failure and software corruption. This is because the entire operating system is being backed up, including your businesses critical data.
  • Virtualization Saves Money on Hardware Costs by allowing you to run more applications off of less physical servers. This helps fully utilize all the potential of your physical servers.
  • Virtualization Enables Businesses To Use Older Applications For Longer. Many older apps are not compatible with newer harder and operating systems. Virtual servers are known for extending the life of older but important applications.
  • Server virtualization Saves Energy: Going virtual will lower your monthly use of electricity by cutting down the amount of physical servers being used, and the energy it takes to maintain them.
  • Server Virtualization Is Great For Creating Test Environments. Creating an isolated network is a cost effective and safe way to test new software and hardware before adding it to your network.
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