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Four Year Old Computer Equipment? Replace It!

In order to keep your business up to date with all the best and most reliable technology we have come up with the 4 year rule. This is rule states that any hardware, server, laptop, workstation, or software that is four or more years old should be under serious consideration for replacement.

Technology is constantly improving at a fast paced rate and within four years it's more than likely this equipment has been surpassed by technology that is much more advanced. Your company might be able to stay afloat with the older outdated hardware and software, but chances are your competition will be running more efficiently with newer technologies. Working off of hardware and software older than four years can also be a potential risk to your business. This risk of equipment crashing becomes a lot greater the older it gets, this brings the risk of more frequent downtime and less productivity.

There is also a greater chance that the older the software is the less likely you will still be able to receive support for it. For instance the Windows XP operating system has recently been deemed as unsupported by Microsoft. This means that there will be no security patches released and it will be exceedingly more vulnerable to threats. You must also consider the fact that as technology advances and gets smarter, so do the threats to your network. In a lot of circumstances the older the hardware and software get, the less chance it will have against a newer smarter threat. These are just a few examples of how older software can be a potential risk to your business's network. You must also consider your employees, the more frustrated your staff gets with tedious errors and computer issues the less productivity for your business.

Integrated Computer Services is a Microsoft Certified Partner and only supplies its clients with the newest and most up to date hardware and software in the industry. We have warranties on all the equipment that gets purchased through us and we monitor their expiration dates and ensure that everything on your network is operating to the fullest potential. With the rate technology is increasing these days, four year old products do nothing more than slow your business down and create more of a threat for attacks. If you suspect antiquated hardware or software on your network and have questions about upgrades give us a call right away to discuss your options!

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