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Hosted Exchange is a better choice over On-Premise Exchange

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I'm sure you are all aware of how important your email system is to the productivity of your business, the average employee spends a significant part of their workday using this tool in order to pass information between employees, clients, and the rest of the world. It's hard to remember how work was before this messaging system made like a little bit easier for all of us. Just like everything else, as time progresses so does technology. Over the years emailing systems have advanced and made communications between us a lot more convenient. The latest in emailing technology is what we like to call Hosted Exchange, and if you have not upgraded from your On-Premise Exchange you should really take a second to think about how this new technology can benefit your business. Managing your emails internally is becoming outdated and the majority of the business world has upgraded to Hosted Email Exchange. As time goes on, businesses who still use on premise exchange will find themselves using outdated technology. All in all these advances in email technology end up being cheaper, while at the same time helping you manage your emails easier. Microsoft Hosted Exchange is the email system of choice for over 170,000,000 people throughout the world, and the leading system for businesses throughout the US. The latest version out to date is Exchange 2013.

When switching over to Microsoft Hosted Exchange you will be given access to experienced technicians who will have the availability to assist you with whatever errors or problems you might come across. Exchange is an easy system to navigate around, but internally it can be difficult to troubleshoot issues. Microsoft has an immense number of staff that are available 24x7 to assist you with any troubles you might have. The fact that you will not need an internal IT person to manage and support your emails will also save your business some money. When making the switch over to Hosted Exchange you will not need to worry about the security of your email server. ICS keeps our servers in highly secure data center that is under close watch 24x7.

Security and cost are far from the only two benefits that come along with making the switch over to Hosted Exchange. The end users themselves will find that with this switch comes a lot of easier ways to access your emails and stay in the loop even when you are out of the office. Hosted Exchange has a lot of different ways of being accessed. Access can be reached through Outlook, either using a PC or a Mac. Hosted Exchange can also be accessed through your web browser. This makes life for the user a lot easier and more convenient, now if you have a device that gives you internet access you will be able to check and deliver emails no matter where you are. Remote access to your email network saves you a lot of time and makes sure you never miss out on any important news. Emails can now be viewed on your laptop, phone, tablet, and so on. Aside from emails, you will be able to access address lists, tasks, and calendars from any remote location. Another benefit to Hosted Exchange is that all of your devices will be synchronized. You are able to make modifications to your calendar on your desktop, and right away you can pull it up on your smart phone and the changes will be visible there as well as all your other devices that are able to connect to the internet.

Another great advantage to Hosted Exchange is the elimination of downtime for maintenance and other repairs. In the business world, time is money and if you're experiencing a significant amount of downtime, you will lose a significant amount of money. Microsoft Hosted Exchange server is a lot easier maintained then the on premise exchange. Issues that will come up are resolved in a more timely fashion for a better cost. Microsoft Hosted Exchange is an essential upgrade for communicating in today's business world, it is more cost effective, easier accessed, and maintained easier. If you haven't yet, you should really take a look at the ways this technological upgrade can make things easier for your business while saving you money.

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