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The Importance of Secure & Complex Passwords

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This day and age the average user is using more than one device on a regular basis. With the increase in cloud technology users are able to access all their business critical data from all over the globe. Individuals will be logging their credentials into numerous applications and services provided over the internet. The increasing capabilities of cloud technologies does not come without significant risk. It is very important to the security of your network and business data that all users have a strict regimen to follow when it comes to creating and regularly changing their passwords. With all the technology we have in this day in age, the security of business networks are still in need of improvement. Time and time again we hear about these security breaches within large enterprises. There are many different pieces to the security puzzle of a network, and secure passwords are your first line of defense. Below are just a few tips and recommendations when it comes to managing the password criteria for your network's users.

It is very important that the password your users create are very complex and are not repetitive. This means that if the user has a password for an individual software, don't have the same password for other applications like your email. Every service used by employees should have a totally different password. It is also very important that your business has a set policy for users to have to change their passwords every so often, at least every six months is best. This is essential to the security of your network. There also needs to be policies in place that enforce the use of complex passwords. For instance, each password should be at least 8 characters long, contain upper and lowercase letters, contain symbols, and include numbers. The more random and complex the better. There is password cracking software that repeatedly uses words found in the dictionary in order to gain access by trying random words against your network, hence why it is important to not use any word that you would find in the dictionary.

Complex non repetitive passwords that are changed on a regular basis is a good way to make sure your taking the right steps to having the most secure network possible. You need to look at the passwords on your network as the locks on the doors of your home. You must have strong and sturdy locks on all entry ways to keep the intruders out.

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