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The Business Advantage Of VoIP Phone Systems


Integrated Computer Services is always encouraging our partners to be technologically strategic. This means that your business is open to accepting and embracing modern technology. Technologically strategic businesses leverage cutting edge technology to gain a competitive advantage in their industry. VoIP (voice over IP) phone systems are the latest and most advanced phone systems taking over the business world. If this is a service you haven't heard of, we strongly suggest you give it some consideration in order to optimize your telecommunication services. More and more businesses are making the switch to VoIP phone systems, don't be left behind.

VoIP phone systems use the latest technologies to transmit your phone communications digitally over the internet. VoIP phones picks up the vibrations in the voice and coverts them into bits that can be transferred to the receiver across the internet in the form of data packets. This technology allows end users to treat their computer like a telephone and their email inbox like a voicemail box. VoIP network are also more cost effective for your business and more features and cost reduction. Long distance rates are also significantly cheaper compared to standard telephone services. VoIP also opens the door for more business convenience for things like phone conferencing over the internet. VoIP phones are very mobile and have the availability to connect and be put to use anywhere there is internet access available. This is a great feature for individuals who for business travel often. The advances made to VoIP technology over these last few years has really put it steps ahead of standard telephone services.

VoIP Phone features:

  • Device & location Independence
  • Call transferring and extensions
  • Call recording and Call presence
  • Voicemail to email
  • Company directory with professional greeting
  • Extension dialing \ Intercom feature
  • The ability to use a Windows software phone
  • Microsoft Outlook contact click to call feature

VoIP phone systems are not difficult to troubleshoot and are considered part of your network. Managed Services Providers and IT Outsourers are capable of providing support for VoIP phone systems. The most important fact is that these VoIP phone systems promote business productivity. This is done by making multitasking a lot easier and having things be more convenient and efficient for your company workforce.

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