New Jersey Network Installation Services

NJ Network Installation Services

Your computer network is the structure on which your business rests. If it isn't well-designed and expertly installed, you will wish you had invested in quality network installation services!

Network installation services such as those we offer at Integrated Computer Services ensure that your system is as efficient as possible, while saving money by preventing costly mistakes down the road. While there is never one right way to create, install, or maintain a network, we are sure to get you headed in the right direction by carefully matching your network system to your company and its needs, including your budget and any time constraints you may have.

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Our Network Installation Service Process

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive network installation services, covering your company from your first inkling that you need a new network, through to offering managed IT services and IT support plans for our clients who want to keep working with us to ensure that their system is as good as it can be, all the time.

We always start with talking to you, the client, to understand what you want and don't want. We delve into any challenges your business may be facing, as well as any goals you have, any specific software or systems you have to use, any parts of your current network environment you want to keep or discard, and of course, your budget. We do that by interviewing the relevant staff and users as well as attending for an onsite network evaluation; essentially a fact-finding mission with a certified network consultant followed by a proposal delivery, presenting our custom-created strategy for your network installation.

Getting to the proposal and further installation stage involves taking the information we get from you and the onsite evaluation, and cutting through all of the usual annoyances and bottlenecks to give you a strategy fast, without sacrificing quality. For example, we stay away from software vendors with complex licensing schemes that take too much time and resources to manage, opting to connect our clients with vendors who understand why simplicity is a good thing. We also understand that installation often means downtime, a bottleneck itself we avoid through scheduling your network installation services to be as non-disruptive as possible.

We handle the delivery, installation, and testing so that you don't have to worry about losing time or staff to making sure it all goes together well in the end, and we are sure to back up any data before migrating it, and in fact go several steps further by putting disaster recovery mechanisms into place.

When everything is put into place and working well, we're happy to help your business keep moving forward with your new network, offering training and support to your staff so everyone can use the new hardware and software to its greatest advantage. We provide individual or group training depending on your needs.

Our work is warrantied for 30 days, and, of course, we are pleased to provide managed services and support plans for handling issues as they arise, or taking a more proactive approach so you no longer have to worry about the ins and outs of your network system at all.

Why Work With Us at Integrated Computer Services?

By outsourcing your network installation service needs to Integrated Computer Services, you are putting one of the most important aspects of your business in the capable hands of our expert team. There are many areas of your business where you can certainly do it yourself with great success, but with a project as large and important as a network overhaul or new installation, it's the kind of thing you want to make sure you get right the first time around, to maximize on the return on investment you will be getting from what can be a fairly large investment.

It also means you are presented with a predictable schedule, to which we will stick. The times, dates, and locations of our work are all outlined in our proposal, and you can rely on us to be where we say we will be, when we are supposed to be there, to get the work done in the allotted time. After all, time is money, which is something we understand well, and we want to disrupt your business operations as little as possible.

If you take the DIY route, on the other hand, you may find yourself disconnected, with frustrated clients and mounting pressures. Avoiding that scenarios is as simple as connecting with us for a quote on your network installation service needs, no matter how large or small the project may be.

For more information, to ask questions, or to get the network installation services process started, please contact us online, or give us a call at (201) 720-3775.

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